Share eggs & get your stingy town to (finally) legalize chickens March 19, 2020

Give away your eggs so your town stops stomping on backyard chickens
Give away your extra eggs: One strategy to get chickens legalized

Do you live in a town you wish would stop stomping on backyard chickens? Have you tried to legalize chickens and failed? Does your town council or zoning commission seem to want to control your every move? Do they force you to pay for a permit for the privilege of raising a few hens? In other words…

…does your town think it’s too “classy” for chickens?

Well, now’s the time to show them that we chicken keepers are the true class act. It’s time to show them once and for all why they need to encourage chicken-keeping — for everyone’s benefit.

In this challenging time, folks all over America are coming together and helping one another in beautiful ways. Knowing what I know about chicken keepers, you’ve been helping people for years.

(Yes, chicken keepers, I see you: you, fostering kids in need; adopting the “unadoptable;” homeschooling; volunteering for Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity and a million other causes; gardening because you don’t want pesticides in your food, and donating your extra veggies. You are a special bunch and you deserve recognition.)

In reality, backyard chickens are a positive good for your town.

In my town, the grocery stores were all out of eggs a few days ago. I know because neighbors and friends were texting us begging for a dozen. We were the only people they know who kept chickens. Of course, we shared.

Empty egg shelves in grocery stores
Empty shelves at a grocery store in Chicago

In doing so, we realized that there had to be many more who not only needed eggs for their recipes, but might be so desperate financially that a dozen eggs could be a God-send. This alone was reason enough to give away our extra eggs. So we did that, too. We made this cute little sign and we are putting eggs out for free whenever we can.

The coronavirus provides a salient, timely and in-your-face example of how we chicken keepers can benefit the community. In reality, though, every time we gift a dozen eggs to someone less fortunate, we’re helping our community. Yes, you, me, all of us: we’ve been giving away our extra eggs for years — our towns just never gave a hoot (or a cluck?), because eggs were readily available in the stores.

Now, maybe they’ll finally pay attention.

Give away your extra eggs
Our daily egg take is an embarrassment of riches

So give your eggs away for free (like you do anyway) to get chicken regulations re-written.

Go on with your lovely selves, find someone in need, and share your extra eggs—just like you always do.

When life returns to normal and it comes time to once again fight your town to legalize chickens, or to ask yet again that they loosen restrictions from the preposterous one-chicken-per-acre rule (or whatever such garbage zoning code your town employs to make it all but impossible), you can remind them that in its time of need, chicken keepers showed up for their neighbors.

Our ability to help in meaningful ways is all the reason our towns should need to finally write reasonable regulations around the the keeping of chickens.

If they don’t, they’ll have egg all over their faces.

Don't forget to document it!
Remind your town why they should permit chickens

(PSST: Don’t forget to take photos to prove it!)

Evidence is key! They won’t take your word for it. So don’t forget to take photos of your good deeds. Post on social media, #shareeggs. Get the word out. Keep those 501(c)3 receipts from your local food bank. Ask your egg takers to come to those future zoning meetings, if they can, to speak up for you — you who had their backs when they were down and out.

Three cheers for all us backyard chicken keepers. Let’s do this!

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