Agriculture & feed stores remain open per government order March 21, 2020

Feed stores will remain open

Are you concerned that if you order a new flock of chickens, you won’t be able to source feed? Don’t be: your local ag and feed stores will remain open! Agriculture stores won’t be forced to shut down per Presidential Policy Directive 21.

Even as governors shut down retail businesses and ask people to shelter in place, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security designates the Food and Agriculture industries as “critical infrastructure.”

Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21) ensures feed stores remain open

Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21) classifies agriculture as one of sixteen critical infrastructure sectors. Ag is one of the sectors “considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof.”

Read about it on the U.S. Government website

Therefore, the government will not shut down of stores that provide supplies and feed for your animals. This includes both brick-and-mortar and online stores like ours.

If your local feed stores are out of feed, you can always buy them on our website. We are working to bring you an even wider feed selection to meet this need!

This applies to pet food companies, too

This directive also protects dogs, cats and other pets, too, in case you were wondering. Pet care and feed stores will stay open to the public. Their products are also considered essential.

You can read the full list of food & ag businesses that the government considers essential infrastructure on pages 90-106 on this PDF, put out jointly by the Department of Homeland Security, the USDA and the FDA.

So instead of worry, why not think ahead and plan how to get your stingy town to (finally) legalize chickens?

Rox March 25th, 2020

I read this with interest (as I have enjoyed reading more on your blog as I begin to prepare to raise chickens for eggs after retiring in June). However I wonder if you are aware that in at least one state (Oregon), ag supply retailers are feeling threatened by state government “executive orders” which while not strictly forbidding them to remain open, nonetheless not specifically permitting it and tossing in a lot of criminal prosecution language in the governor’s executive order. At least one mom and pop ag retailer is so worried about the threat of criminal prosecution for “violating” (for real or for as a put-up job by aggressive authorities) the executive order by staying open. Not only the fear of being prosecuted or shut down but forbidding people shopping for farm necessities to be out and about doing that kind of shopping (several people in my rural area have already been targeted by aggressive law enforcement demanding to know why they are out on the road driving, asked where they were going and being informed that going to the feed store was not a “permitted” shopping trip) so people thus targeted are desperately trying to figure out how they are going to get livestock feed if the cops won’t let them. My local feedstore in business 20+ years, where I buy horse feed and hay, they were struggling to compete against the big box ag dealers like TS, is closing. The owner told me she was terrified of the things written in the governor’s executive order about criminal prosecution, jailing and fines – the executive order did not specifically ALLOW ag retailers to be open and the prosecution threats are pretty dire and the criminalization of shopping comes with fines and jail times for shoppers. Maybe under federal law these are considered essential businesses. But at least in one state the intimidation is causing real fear and harm and of course eventually it will be the animals that pay the price.

Traci March 25th, 2020

Thank you for your kind comments! That’s just AWFUL. I had no idea what was happening out in Oregon. Maybe you can get the word out to those mom and pop feed stores, somehow? Perhaps send them the links contained in the post? They should be armed with the letter of the law. I feel so badly that those mom & pops are feeling harassed, but honestly, they should stand firm knowing that ag is protected. Could an Ag attorney whip out a letter they could post on the shop window, in case police do come around? Best of luck to you and yours in Oregon! I’ll be interested to hear updates on this!

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