Scratch, Check, Peck, Repeat July 11, 2020

Scratch, check, peck, repeat
Through the winter cold, in the summer heat
Under spring rain, through the autumn leaves
Scratch, check, peck, repeat.

Mottled Cochin Bantam checking for bugs

Here you see a bug, there you see a seed
Keep your body moving, everything you need
Lies underneath those busy, busy feet
Scratch, check, peck, repeat

Cackle, cluck, purr, sing
Early in the morning, hear our egg song ring
Soothing little sounds chatting through the day
Talking to each other like the words people say

A broody Mottled Cochin Bantam

Sit, brood, push–an egg!
Listen to the human as she starts to beg
“Breakfast, please, my pretty pet hens!”
We’re working on it here, my impatient human friend!

Dig, huddle, kick some dirt
Underneath your feathers, so the mites won’t hurt
Pick, shake, nibble, preen,
Gotta keep the feathers looking nice and clean

Scratch, Check, Peck, Repeat

Rest, relax, soak some sun
Perfect definition of some chicken fun
Eat, drink, explore, rest
Chillin’ like a chicken, feelin’ fine, no stress

Light’s getting dim, climb into the coop
Getting kind-of tired, must be time to roost
Rest, relax, beak under the wing
Wake up with the sun, do the same things!

A White Silkie Bantam is feelin’ fine

Every single day, every single week
Scratch, check, peck, repeat
Happy little chickens, best you’ll ever meet


A happy Speckled Sussex after a long day of scratching for bugs

Sharyn July 11th, 2020

Our little rooster is a banty Cochin, he absolutely glows in the sunshine. We had our first egg from the new girls this week, a lovely big greenie.

Tim Sexton July 13th, 2020

Thanks for sharing that with us! We’re so glad that you’re enjoying your flock. Congratulations on your first egg!

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