Meet the Peeps from My Pet Chicken: Catherine January 24, 2022

Welcome to My Pet Chicken’s “Meet the Peeps” blog series! We lovingly call our My Pet Chicken employees, “Peeps!” You’ve interacted with us by phone, chat, and email…now it’s time to “meet” us. My Pet Chicken is very unique in that ALL employees are poultry keepers ourselves so we offer a wealth of experience and wisdom. Here is your opportunity to see how we became “crazy chicken people”.

Catherine, a white woman with brown hair, wearing black glasses, smiles at the camera. She is holding a baby chick in each hand near her cheeks. She is standing outside in front of a chicken coop.
Catherine from My Pet Chicken and her baby chick.

CatherineFulfillment, Email & Chat Departments

1. How Long have you been part of the MPC family? What is your position?

I have worked at MPC since early 2021 in the email, chat, and fulfillment departments.

2. What is your home state and your favorite part about living there?

North Carolina. The ease of homeschooling.

3. How long have you been a chicken keeper?

4 years

4. What was your first breed(s) of chicken?

1 Barnyard Mix Rooster

5. How many chickens do you have? (Real numbers…not what we tell our family members!)

Do we REALLY want to count them all??? 14 grown chickens and 28 baby chicks. *gasp*

6. Do you have any other animals besides chickens? If so what and how many do you have?

3 Dogs and 7 Ducks

7. What is your favorite chicken breed? Why?

All of ’em! Each one has traits or looks that I find fascinating. I don’t know that I could choose just one!

8. What is your favorite part about chicken keeping?

Watching the chickens do their chicken thing.

9. What is your least favorite part about chicken keeping?

Trying to figure out how I’m going to build a big enough coop/run to fit everyone because… chicken math.

A Black Copper Marans hen sits in her nesting box while two of her baby chicks sit on her back facing away from the camera.
Chicken math happens!

10. What is your best pro tip for a newbie chicken keeper?

Research everything that goes into keeping chickens. Try not to jump into it with no knowledge at all. Prepare yourself for losses, be it from unknown causes or predator attacks, because losses will happen and it is always upsetting.

11. What is your favorite chicken-keeping product and why?

My favorite chicken-keeping product is the Waste-Free Bucket feeder! It is a must-have so there is little to no food waste, which saves money!

12. What is your favorite chicken-themed quote, or joke?

What do you get if a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?

An eggroll!

Closing thoughts from Catherine: No matter how long you’ve kept chickens, there is always something you will learn that is new!

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