Chicken Dream Job-12 Best Reasons to Work at MPC

My Pet Chicken is now hiring! - Apply for your chicken dream job.

Have you, or has someone you know, been fantasizing about a chicken dream job? Do you want to leave your current job and get paid to keep and talk about chickens all day? Are you looking for a way to help support your family with your beloved flock? Or perhaps you're a budding writer looking to blog about your flock? If so, your chicken dream job may be right around the corner with My Pet Chicken. My Pet Chicken is currently accepting applications for 2023 hiring. Preferred hiring states are  AL, AR, GA, IA, IN, KS, KY, LA, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, WI, WV, WY.

First, let's talk about who we are and why My Pet Chicken might be the place to find your chicken dream job.

12 best reasons to work for My Pet Chicken

  1. You have a super-easy commute. This is because you commute from your bed to your computer for your chicken dream job.  You will be telecommuting. That means no traffic! No gas money! No wear and tear on the car! And no scraping snow off an icy windshield or getting into a sweltering vehicle! Roll out of bed two minutes before you start if that's your thing.
  2. You can work in your PJs. Or your comfy pants and favorite T-shirt with all the holes. We really don't care what you wear to work for your chicken dream job. Bad hair day? No one will see it. No one, unless you have neighbors, and you feel like bringing your laptop and working from your porch on a beautiful day. And heck, that sounds appealing, too!
  3. You can be at home caring for a child without having to call off work. Snow day? Easy. Teacher work day? No problem. If you're a single parent, or if you're in a household where both parents work, having a child home from school can normally create all sorts of logistical problems! Well... consider those issues SOLVED.
A little girls plays near her chicken coop.
You have the perfect office environment for being family oriented
  • You have the best office coffee in the world! Well, depending. This presumes you make good coffee. But whatever your coffee-ing skills may be, telecommuting means you don't have to choke down someone else's weak brew and stale beans. You can brew it just how you want it, fresh, when you want it.
  • You can keep pet chickens when you work here. In fact, you MUST keep pet chickens! You may be wondering why you wouldn't keep chickens when you work at a hatchery? Well, if you work directly at a hatchery location, you actually can't keep your own flock due to biosecurity concerns. But employees of My Pet Chicken won't be going back and forth from a personal flock to the hatchery flocks or incubators, so you can enjoy your personal flock of pet chickens to your heart's content.
  • chicken dream job: a backyard flock
    Enjoy your flock of pet chickens with this chicken dream job!

    This is probably one of the most compelling reasons working for My Pet Chicken is really a chicken dream job. How depressing would it be to FINALLY get that job at the hatchery... only to discover you have to get rid of your own beloved flock?  And incidentally, if you have other pets in addition to chickens (such as a dog), this is a great job, too. You won't have to worry about any separation anxiety, or rushing home from work to let your pup out. He can simply sleep at your feet--or even in your lap--and go out when he needs to.

  • You will be working among the foremost pet chicken experts in the country. Everyone here is a little--okay, a lot--chicken crazy. That's part of having a chicken dream job! My Pet Chicken can hire the smartest, chicken-craziest people from all across the country. We don't have to hire just from the area physically closest to our hatchery, so we really get The Best people. At places where customer service personnel have to work directly at the hatchery location, the employees don't have personal flocks, and may never have kept chickens personally. At your My Pet Chicken dream job, all your fellow employees get just as excited as you do when your new pullets start laying, or your broody has a successful hatch.
  • You get to talk to other people who love chickens all day long. And you get paid for it! Do you enjoy "virtually" talking with other chicken lovers like you might on BYC? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could make a living doing that? Well, if you feel that way, this is definitely your chicken dream job.
  • You can take egg gathering breaks at work. We don't know of any other workplace in the world where this would even be possible.  Need to get up and stretch your legs? Feel free to go out to your coop, say "good afternoon" to your flock, and gather any eggs. Pet a hen, turn eggs in your incubator, check the chicks in your brooder. Talk about awesome!
    egg gathering break on your chicken dream job

  • You get an employee discount on chicks, chickens, coops, eggs, supplies... Actually, this may be bad news if you suffer from Chicken Math. (If so... well, sorry about that.)
  • You will be eligible to blog for My Pet Chicken. Our employees blog for us--and get paid for it! Are you a budding writer, dying to write about your flock, your farm, your chicken-keeping lifestyle? Do you have lots of DIY projects to share? Well, working for My Pet Chicken at your chicken dream job is the perfect opportunity to get started.
  • You get the chance to raise some of our exclusive breeds before anyone else! My Pet Chicken now has the largest number of chicken varieties of any hatchery in the country, because we have so many varieties exclusive to us! When we develop a new variety, we often need additional feedback--and good photos of the birds. You will sometimes have the opportunity to raise these new, exclusive varieties so you can contribute to the breed description--or even blog about them.
  • chicken dream job, chick on knee
    This is a job where you can talk about your favorite, super friendly baby chick... and everyone appreciates and understands, rather than dismissing you as strange.

    Now, let's talk about the chicken dream job itself. Here's what you would do in your new position.

    Chicken dream job duties

    • Respond to customers in a warm, professional manner, by email, phone, and chat
    • Answer customer questions about chick and chicken care
    • Share your personal experience keeping chickens with customers
    • Process customer-requested order changes and cancellations
    • Assure customers are prepared for chickens by referring them to our extensive library of educational materials, including our online Chicken FAQ section, our free Chicken Care Guide, our free Incubation e-guide, our online Chick Supply Checklist, and our information about different chicken breeds and varieties, our various informational blog posts, and so on.
    • Make sure customers know what to expect with order processes and procedures.
    • Enter data accurately on internal reports
    • Maintain secure customer records
    • Work in conjunction with other departments to resolve service and product issues, and make our customers happy
    • Evaluate and recommend products or services to management as a direct result of customer suggestions and needs
    • Blog for My Pet Chicken
    • Other duties as assigned

    Requirements for the chicken dream job:

    1. You must currently keep a flock of pet chickens. We want to hire a person who is actually involved in the hobby and has experience with pet chickens. Preferably, in fact, you must be suffering from Chickenmania, or struggle with your Chicken Math every year. This is one of the things that sets us apart from other hatcheries, and makes My Pet Chicken the best place to go for people who want to get started with a small flock! Our company was founded with one goal in mind: connecting people with chickens. We can do that best when we hire people who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about backyard chicken keeping. As a company, we genuinely want our customers to discover the joys of keeping a backyard flock, so we want to hire people who'll enjoy being an integral part of that process as much as we do.

    2. You must have a speedy computer with a fast internet connection. You will be using your own computer and your own Internet connection when you work, and we don't want to keep customers waiting with a slow connection or processor.

    3. You must have a quiet place to work. This can be a separate office or just a quiet space during working hours. The main thing is that, while speaking with customers on the phone, you need to be able to hear customers, and they need to be able to hear you. For chat and email, you still need a location free of distractions. The sound of roosters crowing in the background is perfectly acceptable, of course!

    4. You must be able to work on these days: For our current need, prospective employees must be available to work at least 3 shifts per week Monday through Friday between 10am and 6pm EST. Additionally, all applicants should be able to commit to working on Mondays and, during the busy season, one or two Saturdays per month.

    Other qualifications for the chicken dream job:

    You must have

    • Courteous phone manners
    • Independent internal motivation
    • Proficiency with your computer, including browsing, email, chat, office software, and other basics.
    • Ability to learn order processing, inventory, and content management systems with training
    • Accurate spelling and grammar, and the ability to express yourself clearly in writing
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Meticulous attention to detail with both note-taking and follow-through
    • Pet chicken and chicken product knowledge/familiarity
    • Cooperative mindset as a team player
    • Compassion and enthusiasm for humane care
    chicken dream job - love your australorp!
    Because chickens need the best!

    Bonus qualifications:

    • Advanced email management (setting filters, managing reply-tos, using labels, etc.)
    • Blogging/writing experience
    • Photography skills
    • Bi-lingual

    More about the My Pet Chicken dream job

    Peak season at My Pet Chicken coincides with our hatching season, which is February/March through September. As a result, you can expect more scheduled hours during that time frame, and reduced hours from October through January/February. However, during the slower time of year, you'll be able to get training completed. Plus, in future years, employees are encouraged to pick up extra hours by drafting and submitting blog posts for the My Pet Chicken Blog.

    Keep in mind that I don't have any personal say as to who is hired! Your application will go to HR.

    How to apply for the Chicken Dream Job

    Click here, fill out the info, and submit it to apply for your chicken dream job.

    Understand that we will evaluate your experience, writing ability, chicken knowledge, and ability to follow written instructions based on your application email, so be sure to proofread and think carefully about your responses before submitting your application.

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    Molli Allen
    6 years ago

    Um, this sounds AMAZING!! I'm quite the locally known chicken lady, with a flock of over 70. And my job as a nanny is just ending. I will apply when I get home!!

    Michelle Spence
    6 years ago

    In human ER triage, you evaluate a patients symptoms, check vital signs, medical history and current medications to determine whether you have a critical or non-critical condition. Chicken ER starts similarly. I would ask the age of the chicken, see if she is laying, and find out if she may have been injured.
    I've been a chicken mom for several years. I'm bad at math, but love anything that has to do with science. So when it comes to chicken math, if you aren't sure how it works my answer is to always round up to the nearest common denominator.

    Lisa Nuckols
    6 years ago

    Well, I will certainly be sending in my resume - after I feed and gather eggs from the the chickens, ducks, and turkey. πŸ™‚

    6 years ago

    I'd love to do this πŸ™‚ my chickens would be happy that I'm doing something with my chicken knowledge instead of hovering around them all the time lol!

    Trina Robinson
    6 years ago

    Um.... YES!!! Oh wait, did I blurt that out loud? Let me recompose myself. *Ahem* Why yes, this absolutely sounds like the dreamiest of dreamy chicken jobs ever... unless the White House had a chicken coop and I was the chicken keeper there, THAT might be the dreamiest. However, since the White House sadly does not house chickens, this would be the absolute next best thing, ever. I will be taking my time in the next few days to compose the most compelling email as to why I would be perfect for this job. You guys are awesome and I hope to join your team one day.

    Adrienne M Atkinson
    6 years ago

    I want to be a part of this! I will apply today!

    Marlene Assennato
    6 years ago

    I love chickens. Everything about them .And there smarter than everybody thinks!

    Angela Quinton
    6 years ago

    Awesome job description!

    Debra Polasko
    6 years ago

    I love my chickens, in fact I've got four more from you scheduled to arrive in June. I write about my own chickens all the time. This would definitely be my dream job. I love animals, particularly my lovely ladies in the coop.

    Christine Webb
    6 years ago

    This seems to be a wonderful job and opportunity to share with others who enjoy their chickens as much as I do, mine. I'm looking very much forward to applying later this evening...

    Patsy Mckenzie
    6 years ago

    Chickens are fun!I love to call my girls and they all come running:)

    6 years ago

    YES!!!! I have been waiting all my life for this opportunity. I ordered my first chicks from a hatchery Catalog when I was 6 years old (29 years ago). I have raised over 25 breeds and some in many varieties. In addition to LOVING poultry, I am the Poultry Superintendent in my county which means I help all the 4H and FFA kids get ready for fair and show their birds. Over the past 10 years I have worked for a 117 year old feed and garden center where I have written the orders for and sold over 30,000 chicks. I NEED THIS JOB!!!

    Jennifer Coghlan
    6 years ago

    Yes! I am a chicken crazy, stay at home mom that homeschools my two chicken crazy girls! We have turkeys, guineas and ducks and had quail at one time also!

    Patti Balch
    6 years ago

    Yesss sounds amazing -- manage flock of chickens in Laguna Beach Ca -- had a giant buff Cochin "Paddles" for nine years -- finished veterinary technology school in 2012 with avian emphasis & hoping to stay involved with chicken health forever!

    Leigh Ann
    6 years ago

    This does sound like my chicken dream job!

    Lynn Crusham
    6 years ago

    Yes, I am the crazy chicken lady aka as Mammaw Chicken by grandchildren and current co-workers and have been for the last 10 years.We have chickens, ducks and French Guinea hens. Have had chickens and other fowl for over 13 years. It has been great exploring the heritage breeds, and bringing them home to roost.Would love to be the crazy chicken lady for your flock too....... It would be so eggciting......

    Renee Leffler
    6 years ago

    What an Awesome Opportunity! I just submitted my Resume!

    Teresa Welsh
    6 years ago

    Oh my! This sounds to good to be true. I love the thought of raising a new breed and documenting it. I have taken a few photography classes and just got new lenses. I am also a Herbalist. That has came in handy with my own flocks. I already have new chicken keepers asking for advise. I never give advise I'm not sure of. I research things I'm not sure about. Then offer that to them. I am going to give this a shot. Thank you for posting !

    Lisa Wood
    6 years ago

    This is eggsactly what I’m looking for. I need to work a few extra hours a week to build up my nest egg. Until I hear back from y’all, this Mother Hen won’t be counting her chickens before they hatch.

    Christina Schilz
    6 years ago

    Darnit!! Wish I had a faster internet connection, but living in the country outside of a small town in Western Nebraska does not provide me with that option..

    Teri Anderson
    6 years ago

    Absolutely my dream job, but, I have only been keeping chickens for a little over a year. I think my experience is probably not as full as many others. I know I fit the job description otherwise.

    Angela DeLegge
    6 years ago

    I eagerly applied for this position today. I am really looking forward to hearing back from them. I am a veterinary professional who adores raising chickens and this truly is a dream job. Super excited about this opportunity!

    Angela DeLegge
    6 years ago

    My application email was just returned to me stating "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently" for the address provided to apply to this job. Is there another email address I can send my resume to?

    6 years ago
    Reply to  Angela DeLegge

    Angela, please check to make sure you correctly copied the email address. is the correct address to use, and we have received many applications at this address, so it seems to be working. We do have other email addresses, of course, however your resume will not arrive in the correct department, and could get filtered out.

    Curtis Plott
    6 years ago

    Absolutely would love this job. I have several flocks and i also own and operate a hatchery. I have worked with chickens for 10 years or so. I truly put everything I have Into the work and dedication. I have my own Facebook page for it , not only do I love my birds I have sold thousands of chicks and chickens and I am always open to help anyone interested. I hope I am considered for this amazing opportunity thank you for reading God bless.

    Karon Wurst
    6 years ago

    Ok, You have just described my dream job. Not only do I have chickens (38 of them) I am chicken sitting for some friends for their two hens. I have had my chickens for two -three years. I have Buff orphingtons, California white giants, Black Sex-link, Americans, and Japanese Fan-tail bantams. This year I plan on adding miniature goats to our flock. Oh, yes and I cannot forget the geese. I have 8 of those.

    Charlene Link
    6 years ago

    Yes, this sounds wonderful. After working in a book factory for 30 years and raising, training and showing ponies all over the country, I have taken up chickens and raise a set or two a year. They are amazing animals if raised right they can be just as spoiled as cats and dogs. I wrote the newsletter for the Ohio POA Club for many years. So I enjoy writing and communicating on the computer. I have learned a lot about the chickens the last several years and much more to learn. I will send resume. letter, and answer to the questions in the morning. I am retired but not ready to be totally retired.

    6 years ago

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    This sounds like the perfect chicken dream job.

    The Crazy Chicken Lady of LA
    6 years ago

    I love this job. Too bad I have a phone-phobia. I could only write emails & blogs and send pigeon post to people. Well, at least my 5th bonus qualification is good sense of humor. πŸ˜‰

    Victoria Dye
    6 years ago

    Are evening hours an option or only day hours? I'm a nurse. I work full time but I keep a flock of 40 chickens. I'm interested. I've crossed olive eggers, and other birds. I'm very interested in this. In in Oregon.

    Emily Becker
    6 years ago

    Oh, boy! I can't wait to send in my application. Chickens are my life! Working for My Pet Chicken would be a dream come true. My girls would be so glad to have me at home all week instead of going to town for work. Thanks for the opportunity to apply.

    Chelsey A.
    6 years ago

    This sounds like the perfect job. Not only do I feel like my skills would be useful if I was hired it would also give me a chance to further my job experience!
    And I mean...hello..CHICKENS β™₯

    Joy Smith
    6 years ago

    What an amazing opportunity. I would love to work for a company whom helps folks solve their chicken problems, while feeding the addiction. I am a long time chicken math addiction sufferer. I buy, I incubate, The struggle is real lol. My favorite people are chicken lovers. I love fluffy butts! Four different breeds plus a few mixes. Recently added Pheasants. I love to talk about chickens, and have room for more. I am a member of almost every chicken group I can find. I have a new windows 10 computer, and Charter fast speed internet. I will be applying today. Thank you in advance for the opportunity. I know Judi C. and Jackie C. have been helpful to many including me. They seem to enjoy their jobs as well. Eggcited.

    6 years ago

    Absolutely, I will be applying for this unique opportunity to share with others my life long experiences in raising and keeping chickens, exploring new techniques and ideas and fulfilling my idea of working from home sharing my passion- Responsible Chicken, Animal husbandry

    Tim Johnson
    6 years ago

    What a wonderful opportunity. I am already blogging about getting the most of life and the joys of backyard chickens.

    Lisa M.
    6 years ago

    I've been a happy MPC customer since Traci herself was answering calls and taking orders.This is absolutely an opportunity of a lifetime for me! My resume is polished up, and I will be submitting my application today.

    Peg D.
    6 years ago

    I would love this but living in the country in Coshocton doesn't leave me with a fast internet either so again this is not an option. I love my chickens and my first 18 where sooooo much fun. They always came running when they saw me. They did not like my new ones when I introduced them. They were like little kids guarding their toys.

    Donna Baldessari
    6 years ago

    OMGoodness...I talk about chickens all day anyway. So please, can you give me 1 good reason why this wouldn't be an excellent opportunity for a stay at home mom of five and owner of the Wichita Cabin Coop to earn cold hard cash for talking about chickens? Dream job indeed!

    Traci DeLore
    6 years ago

    Sounds like an awesome job!

    Erika Forsythe
    6 years ago

    Oh my gosh what an opportunity! My husband travels a lot so when he's home it's hard for me to be working full time and not be able to spend more than just two weekends with him. Plus my chickens are upset that I don't let them out as long or as much as i used to. And by the time I get home they're in bed and miss out on their evening treats πŸ™

    Ellen Geaney
    6 years ago

    This sounds amazing!! How do I get started??

    Windy Elliott
    6 years ago

    I wish I could give up my current job and do this. I would love to work with such a great company and I love my chickens. Unfortunately, I can't afford to give up my IT salary. But it was a nice thought for a few minutes.

    Leah B
    6 years ago

    oh I wish I was more experienced with chicken care, becasue that sounds like a wonderful job. so far our flock is still tiny and new, but maybe in a few years πŸ˜›

    Dru Terrill
    6 years ago

    This sounds like a wonderful job! I am somewhat new, but obsessed, with chicken keeping. I am semi retired and my other part-time job is at home on a computer and I sit at a window and look out at my girls and roo, all day.

    Cindy Temple
    6 years ago

    This does sound like a dream job. I am new to chickens, my oldest are 6 weeks old, and I just love all my girls. I am studying to be an accountant, but find I suffer from chicken math. My 4-6 girl flock is now at 14, with 4 eggs in the incubator (and 10 more coming next month!).

    Tricia Pumphrey
    6 years ago

    Yes!!! This most certainly is my dream job! I will be sending an application immediately! What better job than to do something you love?

    Elizabeth (Liz) Moore
    6 years ago

    Hi! I'm Liz, and I'm an addict. Everyday when I need a fix, I go outside and talk to my 20+ addictions. My ladies do talk back, and they adore mealworms. I love opening the door and seeing my feathered friends flying over to see me. I usually don't even have to call them, but a "Hey Ladies!" gets the stragglers to come. Pronto! We have long talks about my real job, and the seriously sick patients I see. Hippa is a HUGE deal, and these ladies have promised not to repeat any identifying patient info I tell them. I started with just four tiny pullets, and I'm at 24 now. I guess you could say my addiction has become my therapy. Working for My Pet Chicken would be my absolute dream job. My patients would just be chickens etc., instead of humans!

    Linda Schuppener
    6 years ago

    I have a dream......that one day retirement will eventually come and I will be able to talk "chicken" instead of "law" all day long! πŸ™‚

    S Miller
    6 years ago

    I'm a 911 dispatcher and my chickens are a great source of stress relief! We have a good time with them all and we have recently added to our flock! The more the merrier!!! This wouldn't even be a JOB because it would be so much fun!!!

    Janet Nash
    6 years ago

    I volunteer at a 28 acre ecumenical center just outside of Boston, and I bought them 45 chicks plus some beehives. I commute four hours each way, a few times a month between my home and the center. While I am away, the residents at the ecumenical center care for them and even built a fabulous coop with antique stained glass windows. We have learned very much over the last few years, including which birds will get picked on by a mixed flock, which can forage, which tolerate confinement, and which are most likely to get snatched by a hawk or other predator. The most vulnerable were always on my mind, so I brought them back with me to NYC. From the 45 original flock, my husband and I now keep 6 in our walkout basement, fully furnished with chicken furniture and potted trees, sprouts and forage. Each night, we bring all six up to the living room in their chicken diapers. They watch TV with us while I post their comments and photos on Facebook. The girls can go outside to scratch around with our three dogs and cat during the day, but Our Polish rooster, George, and our baby Silkie rooster, Bean, must now hide in the basement. They are rebel roosters hiding from the chicken police. They have their own huge skids of forage oat, wheat and barley grass, and some full spectrum lights but it doesn't feel right to keep them from fresh air and sunshine simply because of their manhood. To compound matters, my chicken math skills inspired another two dozen amazing heritage chicks, on their way in the next two weeks, and our back yard is smaller than most people's living rooms. I already cancelled one order (brief moment of unfortunate sanity), and then after attending the Northeastern Poultry Congress and then the Poultry School at Stone Barn Center in Tarreytown NY, I experienced an acute chickenmania relapse. So my husband and I are flying the coop and spending our life savings on an old dairy barn and ramshackle farmhouse in Vermont. We just got back last night, and are leaving again tomorrow to meet with the most wonderful 72 year old real estate agent/ex dairy farmer. My chickenmania has reached such a fever pitch that I'm giving up my job and home of 32 years, and have convinced my husband to throw caution to the wind. We were just wondering what we would do for some extra spending money incase the barn repairs cost more than we estimate and cut into my essential chicken spending money...(and possible emus). The last time that I spoke with one of your wonderful customer representatives, I commented on how she had the best job in the world and no wonder she seemed so happy. So I hope that you are inclined to enable my chicken addiction. I will be sending my resume' immediately.

    Mandy G.
    6 years ago

    This company sounds wonderful-resume is in your inbox.

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