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Chicken nightmare: How three raccoons killed my chickens in broad daylight November 14, 2012 59 Comments

A couple of months ago, I dreamed my flock was destroyed. I bolted upright out of bed, fuming mad at those (!@*$) darn raccoons… and then, in a fog, realized it was just a dream. The coop in my dream was the wrong one–it was from a house we lived in years ago. The chickens […]

We’ve got the blues! September 17, 2012 9 Comments

In May, I posted a teaser about some new breeds we were starting, and asked you all which breeds YOU wanted most to see us carry. I’m so happy to announce that some of those breeds are now available! As hatching eggs, we have Cream Legbars, and as baby chicks we now offer Blue Ameraucanas […]

Chicken poop nincompoop June 13, 2012 20 Comments

Our personal flock recently had its very first illness, and I am 100% to blame. In seven years, we’ve had to worm our flock ONCE. That’s the single solitary health problem we’ve ever had. Then, I had to go and get dumb. Although I’m smacking my forehead and slightly embarrassed about my lapse in judgment, […]

650% increase in fertility?! May 17, 2012 3 Comments

Whoa. This is so unreal, I just had to tell you right away. We’ve been testing out Chunky Chicken Caviar as a feed supplement for one of our rare breed flocks that was struggling with poor egg laying and fertility rates. I got the results in today, and I’m absolutely floored: within a month, this flock’s […]

Exciting new breeds for next year May 9, 2012 140 Comments

I’m so eggscited, I just can’t keep it to myself. We’re in the midst of developing some exclusive, new breeds for sale next year. Yes, exclusive! Yes, new! A few of the chicken fanatics (chickenatics?) that work here at My Pet Chicken have dreamed up some lovely new birds that will be hardy, gentle, and […]

On the Brink of Insanity: Another Secret Danger of Keeping Chickens April 10, 2012 37 Comments

Recently, Lissa posted on the Secret Dangers of Keeping Chickens. I’m here to warn you of another. Now that I keep chickens, every single morning presents me with an agonizing decision. My blood pressure rises, my chest tightens, and my breathing becomes more shallow as I contemplate this: which eggs am I willing to crack […]

Leghorns get a bum rap February 18, 2012 33 Comments

Most backyarders and chicken fanciers just don’t like White Leghorns. They’re too plain, many feel; too bourgeois; too flighty; too poorly suited for cold weather.  Folks want breeds with heritage, highfalutin parentage, and varieties with lots of color. Unusual combs and feathered feet or crested heads are preferable.  Birds that lay tinted eggs are all […]

My poor husband – chicken surrogate January 31, 2012 3 Comments

I have a chicken surrogate, and I feel guilty. Every day, just like the rest of you, we go to the back yard to visit our chickens. We let them out in to the run; we collect eggs; we feed the girls treats and dole out a little love — or in the case of […]

Joyce is back!! January 22, 2012 11 Comments

Over the years, Joyce has been one of our most-loved customer service representatives. About a year and a half ago, she was diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma cancer, underwent a major operation to remove the cancer, and set on a rigorous course of treatment. Her prognosis was just 2 years to live. It was with […]