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Hide-and-seek eggs July 12, 2013 24 Comments

Mostly, chickens will lay eggs in the nest boxes you provide for them. Instinct usually has them prefer enclosed, shady, out-of-the-way spots for laying, and nest boxes usually provide that. Your nest box can be something built in to your coop… or it can be a modified bucket, an old drawer, a fruit crate and […]

6 Ways Roosters Rock June 28, 2013 37 Comments

Roosters rock! How do I love roosters? Let me count the ways. Um … Six. Yes, there are six ways. Possibly more, but at least six reasons that roosters rock. I get that roosters aren’t for everyone. Roosters aren’t usually permitted in towns, and it makes a certain amount of sense. You don’t need roosters […]

Farewell, Ashlee June 27, 2013 42 Comments

Ashlee, we woke up this morning to find you had left us. Always the first to come running when you saw us in the yard, always forgiving as our kids endlessly carried you around the yard like you were a doll, beautiful with your white and gray and buff–you will be missed. You gave us […]

Four Benefits of Chicken Watching May 31, 2013 17 Comments

Chicken Watching: I’d hazard a guess and say that all pet chicken owners do it. Probably fairly often. And most backyard chicken keepers will tell you that chickens are more entertaining than TV—and far more relaxing! So why am I writing about “chicken watching” rather than just “chicken keeping,” you might ask?

Chicken stampede: Who knew? May 17, 2013 18 Comments

Before I got chickens, I pictured them as rather easily spooked, nervous, flighty. But nothing seems further from the truth. When I walk outside, they don’t scatter and run away. Instead, I am the target of a chicken stampede. If you keep chickens, you know what I mean. Wherever they are in the yard, they […]

What to tell your chicken sitter May 10, 2013 13 Comments

I wrote a post a while ago, entitled “three ways chickens will freak you out.” A recent comment by a reader reminded me of another way chickens can freak you out, and it inspired me to share the story of how I almost gave our chicken sitter a heart attack! Poor John. He didn’t take his “chicken sitter” duties […]

Keep your chickens from scattering the mulch May 3, 2013 37 Comments

My chickens free range, and there are a lot of benefits that go along with that. I love to garden… and there are a lot of benefits that go along with that, too. Sometimes these two hobbies are tough to combine though. Chickens love to scratch. They love to dig. They love to dust bathe. […]

DIY roll-away nest box April 16, 2013 13 Comments

We have had mixed success with our egg-eating hen Isa that I talked about in this blog post. I appreciated all the feedback and suggestions you offered on that post—it’s good to know that I’m not the only one dealing with this problem! I tried one of your suggestions, and I also went ahead with […]

Hildy the blind hen learns to forage April 5, 2013 5 Comments

If you haven’t read the previous stories about Hildy, let me introduce her to you. She was our blind hen, and one of our favorites. She lost her sight when she was young, and had only very limited vision throughout the rest of her life. From what we could tell, she seemed to be able to […]

My blind hen Hildy – Learning to find food March 15, 2013 18 Comments

How can you teach a blind hen to forage if she can’t see what’s on the ground? That was the problem that presented itself to us when Hildy learned to go outside. When our blind hen learned to use the coop door to come outside, we were thrilled—but also frightened and worried for her.