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The 6 Silliest Arguments Against Backyard Chickens July 20, 2012 61 Comments

We’ve never heard any meaningful reasons against keeping a small flock of pet backyard chickens. Objections to urban and suburban chicken keeping usually spring from basic ignorance or a lack of education about chickens, and occasionally just a plain lack of common sense. Below are the basic objections you will hear… and as you will […]

Free ranging didn’t work for me… July 11, 2012 35 Comments

When I go out in the morning to bring treats to my girls and collect our little egg gifts for the day, I’m greeted at the run door by hens begging for me to let them out. How could I turn down those sweet little faces?

How baby songbirds saved my chickens June 22, 2012 111 Comments

Chickens aren’t the only birds we care for around here. We seem to have a rotating cast of winged stars that stay at our cottage a while before returning to the wild. Or, in most cases, our cottage *IS* the wild, and we’re just friendly neighbors who mind our business. Some birds stay for just […]

Unexpected Predator June 4, 2012 21 Comments

For years we enjoyed the native wildlife that was attracted to the pond on our property.  One year a gorgeous Great Blue Heron male began frequenting the property.  He would show up early in the morning or late in the evening to fish.  The bird was used to humans, it appeared, because we could sit […]

Free Range? Four Ways to Manage your Small Flock June 1, 2012 51 Comments

For people new to chicken keeping, deciding how they will manage their flock—free range or confined— can be pretty daunting. Part of the problem is that there isn’t really one BEST way to keep a flock. A lot will depend on your own situation. For instance, my chickens free range in the true sense. That […]

Attack of a Wiley Coyote March 22, 2012 25 Comments

Living in the city, with a tall block wall surrounding our back yard, I had a false sense of security regarding the safety of our flock. For about 2 1/2 years our chickens enjoyed peace in the backyard. They roamed free each afternoon and co-existed peacefully with our 3 dogs. Each night, before bed (which […]