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Chicken Poop Cookies for Halloween October 10, 2014 4 Comments

Not long ago, I posted a recipe for Chicken Poop Dog Treats. In preparation for Halloween, and in the tradition of gross-looking Halloween food like Lady’s Finger cookies, Meat Heads, Monster Mouths and so on, I thought I’d share a recipe for Chicken Poop Cookies (for people). Chickens aren’t the only ones that enjoy treats at […]

Chicken Poop Dog Treats Recipe August 1, 2014 8 Comments

Chicken poop dog treats: that’s my project today. (You heard me!) While I’m not sure about the advisability of teaching your dog that what looks like chicken poop is delicious, making these treats for your friends with dogs–and emphasizing that they are a gift from your flock–sounds like some gross fun. Want to encourage your […]

Breakfast for Dinner May 2, 2014 2 Comments

Yesterday morning, I decided I would make myself a nice simple breakfast. On an English muffin, I put a scrambled egg, melted Swiss cheese, and some thin slices of smoked ham that I’d fried just enough to crisp the edges. Sort of a real food version of fast food… and way, WAY tastier. That’s unusual for […]

Espresso Biscotti February 28, 2014 No Comments

After the exciting discovery of the secret to the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, I thought I would see if the improvements would carry over into other types of cookies… specifically one of my favorites: biscotti. I tend to like the Italian-style biscotti: made without oils, they’re hard and crisp confections that stand […]

Secret ingredient: Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World February 14, 2014 9 Comments

I never really “got” chocolate chip cookies until I tasted the cookies my husband made. Don’t get me wrong: I ate a chocolate chip cookie now and then, but there were probably a dozen or more other cookies I would prefer over chocolate chip if given a choice. Molasses cookies, gingerbread, snickerdoodles, almond lace, shortbread, […]

And the winner is… December 20, 2013 11 Comments

Time to vote on your favorite! Except… we only have one entry. What happened to the folks who emailed and commented last year about their plans to make a gingerbread coop?!! We would have loved to see the coops you made. So, by default we have a winner, Rosella, who created this wonderful gingerbread chicken […]

Gingerbread Chicken Coop Contest December 13, 2013 1 Comment

Last year I baked a gingerbread chicken coop. This year I want to see YOUR gingerbread chicken coop. And I’ll make it interesting for the contestants: the best gingerbread chicken coop will win a signed copy of the My Pet Chicken Handbook (although note the book won’t be released until February, so there will be something […]

Backyard egg French toast for the kids November 15, 2013 2 Comments

It is one of the sorrows of my life that my husband doesn’t much care for French toast, even though we’re fortunate enough to be able to have backyard egg French toast. I can make French toast from our own homemade bread, with our own backyard eggs, and top it with our own home canned […]

Down on the Farm – Two kinds of pretty chicks June 21, 2013 10 Comments

Some of you may remember that my farm was going to be the site of a “Down on the Farm” photo shoot by the Hot Tomato Pinup Academy.  Today I thought I’d share some of those photos with you, and give you a behind the scenes look. Getting the chickens to “pose” with the girls […]

Why pet chickens are important May 24, 2013 29 Comments

I had lunch out yesterday: a nice salad. But I forgot to tell them to hold the egg. Don’t get me wrong, I love eggs! How can one keep pet chickens and not like eggs? But like many of you reading this blog, I find there’s such a stark difference between the real, delicious farm […]