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Chicken Consultant: Top 10 FAQs February 11, 2016 11 Comments

You may be new to chicken keeping or an old pro but beginners and experts alike all end up having a question at some point. Hi there, my name is Shannon, and I’m a professional chicken consultant. *Waves* Yup, chicken consultant. That would be me. You may be wondering how much my services cost. The answer is: […]

Training Your Dog to Accept Your Chickens February 21, 2014 12 Comments

Training your dog to accept your chickens can seem like a Herculean task! Dogs and chickens don’t always make a good combo, unfortunately. Some dogs want to eat your chickens, other dogs just want to give chase. Both can be bad; chickens who are trying desperately to get away from a chasing dog—even a dog […]

Pet chickens treat us as equals. October 4, 2013 4 Comments

According to Sir Winston Churchill, “Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” I say: pet chickens treat us as equals, too. To have well behaved animals, you take the role the animal needs you to play. You must learn how to be a leader for your pet dog. […]

Chickens coming home to roost September 13, 2013 6 Comments

A reader of our chicken advice column has a question about her chickens coming home to roost: Listen Lissa, We have a flock of three so far (more in the brooder) who get along great, and have been in the same roomy coop with plenty of roosts since they were chicks. They’re about 17 weeks […]

Listen Lissa: My hen lays funny-looking eggs! September 6, 2013 7 Comments

A Listen Lissa reader writes in with a question about her hens’ funny-looking eggs: I have a question about some funny-looking eggs. My chickens are a year old now, and have been laying for about seven months. Recently, I’ve noticed that two have had extra shell build-up on the outside of their eggs, sort of […]

Do chickens make you look poor? August 30, 2013 10 Comments

This week, the “Listen Lissa” chicken advice column got a few queries about  the “news” story regarding the weirdest argument against backyard chickens, yet: chickens make you look poor. Wait, what? It’s true: apparently there is a subset of people who believe that  you should not keep chickens because “chickens make you look poor.” Wowza. […]

Chickens and dogs (Listen Lissa) August 23, 2013 20 Comments

Chickens and dogs: they don’t naturally get along. A reader writes to “Listen Lissa,” asking how to handle the loss of her chickens to a neighbor’s dogs: My neighbors’ dog gets out of their house a lot. Twice he got into my enclosed chicken yard and has now killed half of my hens. How do […]

Listen Lissa! (Chicken Advice Column) August 16, 2013 3 Comments

Listen Lissa! That’s the working name of my new chicken advice column, sort of like a “Dear Abby” (but for chickens!), being launched here today. “Listen Lissa! I have a problem with my daughter’s favorite pet hen…”