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Be careful what you wish for: the Change.org petition that harms chickens September 13, 2014 284 Comments

We have recently been the target of a Change.org petition started by a vegan animal rights activist which denounces the shipping of baby chicks. It’s time to bring you all into the loop.  The following petition has received more than 71,000 signatures to date: A post on Facebook today had me livid and I felt compelled to […]

Chicken watching for Labor Day weekend August 29, 2014 No Comments

In addition to visiting with family, grilling food, having a picnic and so on… don’t forget to enjoy some chicken watching this Labor Day. It’s good for the soul, and good for your chickens. We’ve talked about the benefits of chicken watching before. More than once. Some people refer to chicken watching simply as “chicken […]

The Ragged Feathers of Summer: 7 causes August 8, 2014 2 Comments

When your day old baby chick feathers in for the first time at 12 weeks old or so with her complete juvenile plumage, there’s almost nothing quite as beautiful. Each feather is shiny and new. And a perfectly-frocked, robin-sized bird that runs to you for affection is more exciting than most of us would care […]

Silly Chickens and Mud Puddles June 27, 2014 6 Comments

Silly chickens. Chickens can be contrary. You can provide them with the most fabulous coop, and some will want to roost in a nearby tree in the rain. You can give them huge, roomy nests filled with soft, clean nesting material in a secure place, and they want to lay eggs in the dirt under […]

Egg color: 3 myths busted November 1, 2013 3 Comments

Egg color in general—and chicken egg color in particular—is often a mystery, even to people who have kept chickens for years. Where does the egg color come from? Is egg color related to ear lobe color? Does egg color have any effect on nutrition? Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting myths […]

Why I don’t add light to the coop January 4, 2013 51 Comments

Last week I wrote about the fact that cold hardiness and winter laying aren’t the same thing, and there were some suggestions to add light to the coop to increase winter laying. It’s true that winter production increases if you add light to the coop (although good winter laying is still breed related)… but adding light something […]

Top 50 reasons you might be addicted to chickens December 7, 2012 31 Comments

We all had fun reading all the responses to the You Might Be Addicted To Chickens game we posted on Facebook! I collected  some of our favorites and came up with a great list: Top 50 reasons you might be addicted to chickens You might be addicted to chickens if…   you plan your dinner menus […]

Egg eating hens – 5 ways to deal November 18, 2012 17 Comments

Dealing with egg eating hens is a very frustrating problem—one I’m trying to deal with right now. I prefer our hens leave their eggs for us to eat, so I have some work ahead of me! Let me start off telling you about our problem chicken, Isa.  She is an ISA Brown chicken (a sex-linked […]

Overrun: How I made my chicken run predator-proof November 7, 2012 23 Comments

In an earlier post I mentioned the damage done by hurricane Irene to our enclosed chicken run. Our run hadn’t been predator-proof for almost a year. Things have been very busy at My Pet Chicken and it took a scheduled one-week family vacation this summer to finally pull me from behind the keyboard and put on my […]

We’ve got the blues! September 17, 2012 9 Comments

In May, I posted a teaser about some new breeds we were starting, and asked you all which breeds YOU wanted most to see us carry. I’m so happy to announce that some of those breeds are now available! As hatching eggs, we have Cream Legbars, and as baby chicks we now offer Blue Ameraucanas […]