Honoring Our Veterans: Wreaths Across America December 17, 2018 No Comments

Here at My Pet Chicken, we have great respect for our service men and women. They are the reason we have the freedoms we do today, and we support and remember them throughout the year.

Battlefield Cross

On Saturday, December 15th, along with thousands across the nation, My Pet Chicken participated in Wreath’s Across America by purchasing wreaths in the memory of those who have served and laying them on the graves of veterans. The day was was dark and gray with an enveloping fog and misting cold rain. We stood in the cemetery surrounded by the souls of those gone and the tears of those who remain behind remembering.

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How to make a chicken-themed holiday card December 14, 2018 No Comments

We love winter holidays here at My Pet Chicken. Everyone is decorating their coops, shopping for (or making) that perfect gift, and kitchens smell delicious — like vanilla, peppermint and cinnamon.

I adore giving homemade gifts during the holidays. Okay, I enjoy giving homemade gifts any time of the year, but holidays give a little extra spirit to the creations! One of the simplest things I love to do is make my own cards. Each card is unique and comes right from my soul and means so much more than selecting a commercially-made card in the store.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”

I wanted to share one of my favorite templates with you so that you can create your own cards to send to friends and family this year. Read the rest of this entry »

One Chick’s Holiday Experience and Her Lesson for Humans December 13, 2018 No Comments

Yay! Today we are going to our new home! Thankfully, those cool peeps at My Pet Chicken packaged us carefully so that we will survive our long journey.

What kind of home will it be? Will they have a big yard, full of bugs and healthy plants to eat? Will I be able to scratch around in the dirt and dust-bathe in the sunshine? Will they dote on us and show us off to their friends?

It’s so exciting!

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Chicken Vent Gleet: An Icky, Sticky Problem October 25, 2018 No Comments

As a My Pet Chicken Customer Service Rep, I receive health-related questions from y’all almost daily. A common question is about what appears to be a pasty butt in older chickens. In my experience, this is usually a case of “vent gleet,” so I wanted to share what I know about it with you.

A case of vent gleet, a.k.a. cloacitis, is a clear signal that your chickens’ digestive system is out of whack. This is an icky, sticky topic for sure, but one that chicken keepers need to know about. It’s more than unsightly—it’s unhealthy— so you’ll need to treat it, or risk your bird(s) dying.

This bird has a clear case of vent gleet.

Vent gleet is so grody…

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Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Chickens, Changing Backyard Chicken Laws October 9, 2018 No Comments

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Cock of the Walk: When a Rooster Isn’t a Rooster September 12, 2018 1 Comment

My son recently bridged from Cub to Boy Scouts. In Cub Scouts, boys are organized into dens. In Boy Scouts, they are organized into patrols. My son was placed into the Rooster Patrol Group. Now, not only were we in possession of outlaw chickens, now we had a rooster, a most egregious sin.

While backyard chicken ordinances vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the one constant seems to be the exclusion of roosters.  Contrary to popular belief, roosters crow at all hours of the day. Not needing a rooster for egg production, but needing a good night’s sleep, most backyard chicken farmers are just fine living in a roosterless world. But what about the hen’s? How do they “feel”?

Seven years ago, as a newbie to the world of backyard chickens, something quite unusual happened.

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Rare Chicken Breeds for Martha Stewart – 2018 June 13, 2018 No Comments

Every year for the past 8 years, My Pet Chicken has had the honor of delivering Martha Stewart a selection of rare chicken breeds —some of the rarest and most unusual chicken breeds available in this country. This year, we delivered a total of 50 rare breed chicks to Martha’s farm. The mixture of large fowl, small bantams, and colored egg layers will provide a beautiful assortment of new egg sizes and colors for Martha’s egg basket.

Martha Stewart welcomes a Frizzle pullet from the Fun and Funky hatching eggs collection.

Martha Stewart’s Rare Chicken Breeds for 2018

This year, Martha chose some great rare chicken breeds that will be beautiful additions to her flock, including these:
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Cats and Chickens Can Be Buddies…… April 25, 2018 14 Comments

Seriously, cats and chickens, seemingly mortal foes, can be good buddies!

A bit over a year ago, my ten year chicken dream was finally realized.

Four, seven-week-old pullets came home to our Tennessee hillside. My husband had built a fine coop and it was predator proofed to the max.  Said girls were named —names that had been planned for ten years!—and installed in their new home.

Within five seconds, literally, there were FIVE cats all lined up at the hardware cloth.

Spike and Sylvester hanging out with the hens!

Now normally, you might guess that those five male cats were figuring their chances for a snack. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Sprout Seeds for Chickens February 7, 2018 No Comments

When the winter comes and the cold sets in, there are fewer fresh greens for our chickens to forage. Fresh greens, grasses, and sprouts are a huge part of their foraging diet most of the year… that is, until winter. That’s why we love giving the chickens something fresh over the winter, a treat to keep their spirits and energy up. So we sprout seeds for chickens from some of their favorite foods, to spoil them over the cold days.

Beans are a good choice!

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The Coop: Top 10 Tips Before Buying/Building January 10, 2018 No Comments

We all jump the gun sometimes. I did it myself. We fall in love with chickens, select and then order our birds, thinking it won’t be expensive or time consuming. We just plan to get the coop later.  You may have an entire 6 weeks before you have to get them into that coop, anyways. So what’s the harm in putting it off? Well, let me tell you!

Good planning avoids future headaches

If you don’t think ahead, when the time comes, you can look around and become overwhelmed with chicken housing options. Or maybe you realize the coop of your dreams is outside your budget or building expertise. Worse, maybe you procrastinated and time ran short, so you only had a couple of days to try to finish it… Read the rest of this entry »