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Favaucanas – Great news! August 24, 2012 431 Comments

Last week I told you about my Favaucanas. Favaucanas are half Salmon Faverolles and half Wheaten Ameraucana. We were a little surprised, to say the least, by the overwhelming positive reaction. There were lots of comments on that blog post and on Facebook requesting Favaucana eggs to hatch… and many emails requesting them, as well. […]

Vote! Why do most hatcheries confuse Easter Eggers, Ameraucanas and Araucanas? April 13, 2012 44 Comments

I don’t have the funky, tailless, tufted Araucanas, but I have to admit, they sure do look cool! I do have both real Ameraucanas, and Easter Eggers… and I love them both. I love real Ameraucanas, I admit. I’m probably biased, since some of my favorite birds were Ameraucanas. They don’t lay as well as my Easter […]