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The Wyandotte chicken breed is a favorite among backyard flock owners for their dependable, egg-laying, easygoing nature and cold hardiness. They are an excellent bird for a beginner chicken owner, families with kids, or even an experienced chicken flock owner looking for a dependable egg layer. History of the Wyandotte chicken breed The Wyandotte chicken […]
My Pet Chicken offers the best selection of backyard chicken coops for sale at great prices! We have coops and runs for all flock sizes and needs, including wooden, plastic, and custom-made waterfowl coops. We compiled our 2022 data to find out what backyard chicken coops you, the customer, loved most. The top 5 chicken […]
Egg Prices have been soaring to an over 49% increase due to the lingering bird flu outbreak in 47 states, affecting over 57.8 million birds. Rising production costs, including soaring feed, fuel, and labor, also increase egg prices at the grocery store. In some states, finding eggs on the shelves can even be difficult. People […]
Our easy-to-follow year-round backyard chicken care calendar checklist will help you with everything related to your backyard chicken flock. Raising backyard chickens is a wonderful hobby, and everyone here at My Pet Chicken is excited to share this journey with you! This comprehensive calendar should help you know what to expect. Winter (December, January, February) […]
My Pet Chickens offers the best chicken breeds for sale! We compiled our 2022 data to find out what chicken breeds you, the customer, loved most. And we couldn't agree more with you! Some of these chicken breeds are also listed on our 10 Best Chicken Breeds Picked by My Pet Chicken Staff. The top […]
Have you, or has someone you know, been fantasizing about a chicken dream job? Do you want to leave your current job and get paid to keep and talk about chickens all day? Are you looking for a way to help support your family with your beloved flock? Or perhaps you're a budding writer looking […]
Are you looking for the best chicken breeds to add to your flock? The chicken expert staff here at My Pet Chicken have put together this list of top chicken breeds we recommend for your backyard flock! Read the top ten chicken breeds that our expert staff love and adores! Silkie Bantam Chickens - Best […]
Picking the top chicken breeds for cold weather is crucial to keeping a thriving flock in winter. So, if you live in an area that experiences cold weather, it's best to pick chickens that can handle the chilly temperatures! Cold-hardy features Some of the features that you will find in cold hardy chicken breeds are: […]
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