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How Hildy the Blind Hen Died September 26, 2014 8 Comments

This will probably be my last Hildy story. If you haven’t read the stories about my blind hen Hildy, you may want to start at the beginning. Read the other posts related to Hildy the blind hen: Introducing Hildy the blind hen Hildy the blind hen in the pecking order Hildy the blind hen and […]

Hildy the blind hen learns to forage April 5, 2013 5 Comments

If you haven’t read the previous stories about Hildy, let me introduce her to you. She was our blind hen, and one of our favorites. She lost her sight when she was young, and had only very limited vision throughout the rest of her life. From what we could tell, she seemed to be able to […]

My blind hen Hildy – Learning to find food March 15, 2013 20 Comments

How can you teach a blind hen to forage if she can’t see what’s on the ground? That was the problem that presented itself to us when Hildy learned to go outside. When our blind hen learned to use the coop door to come outside, we were thrilled—but also frightened and worried for her.

My Blind Hen Hildy – Going home to roost March 8, 2013 16 Comments

One of our biggest worries relating to Hildy our blind hen was that, while she had learned to leave the coop, she hadn’t learned how to go back in. This made a certain amount of sense, given her disability. After all, when leaving the coop in the morning, she was going toward a bright patch […]

My Blind Hen Hildy – Free Ranging March 1, 2013 11 Comments

For the first few years, our blind hen Hildy didn’t ever leave the coop on her own. This was something of a relief. After she recovered from her injury and learned to find the feeder on her own, it gave her unmolested time to eat and drink from the feeders and waterers, since the rest […]

Hildy the blind hen – Pecking order February 22, 2013 25 Comments

Last week I wrote about my blind hen, Hildy;  she was completely blind in one eye, and seemed to have very limited vision in her other eye. I’ll tell another story about Hildy this week. (It’s wonderful to be able to share stories about a hen with people who understand how much personality chickens can […]

My blind hen, Hildy February 15, 2013 69 Comments

I’ve sort of hesitated writing about Hildy, my blind hen. Why? I get emotional about her. Of all the chickens I’ve had, she was one of my absolute favorites. She died a little more than a year ago. But I was looking through some old photographs, and I made it through without crying, so maybe […]