January 20, 2017

Salt-Cured Eggs

I am always excited to try a new egg recipe, and I thought I'd share this easy recipe for salt-cured eggs with you, too. Salt-cured egg yolks are solid, dry-cured discs that can be used grated, sliced, or crumbled, almost like a cheese. They add a salted creamy flavor to any dish. It's simple to […]
When it's cold outside, we stay huddled up by the fire. We have cold-weather treats such as hot cocoa or a splash of Irish cream in the coffee. We make a spicy pot of chili or sometimes a delicious curry for dinner. But our chickens? They aren't able to cook their own treats, so I […]
November 2, 2014

Egg Show-Off: Carbonara

I love trying new recipes and making novel dishes for company, but like everyone, I have a few tried and true favorites that I fall back on in a pinch. And call me a show off, but I love to serve my homemade and homegrown goodies. And I'm a total Egg Show-Off. So when possible, I […]
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