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My Pet Chickens – Little Blue and Pecker too April 23, 2012 11 Comments

  I am fond of all my chickens, but Pecker and Little Blue have a special place in my heart because they enjoy hopping up into my lap to sit and be loved on. Little Blue is such a sweetheart.  She’s one of my newest chickens, a 9 month old blue Easter Egger Bantam, and loves […]

For the Love of a Chicken….. February 13, 2012 28 Comments

Her name is Lenore and she is far more than “just a chicken.” She is my heart and an incredible light in my life. I have 25 hens, but there is only one Lenore. She is a Speckled Sussex and whenever I look at her she has her head cocked sideways so she can look […]