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Chicken Facebook Status–what would your chickens say? November 29, 2013 5 Comments

Chicken Facebook status: what would your chickens say? Chickens are such social creatures—much like humans—that I’m sometimes reminded of the interactions of my chickens when I read Facebook statuses, especially in November when many people are expressing thankfulness. Some hens are pretty amiably happy when they have food, water, shelter and companionship. Most are. But then […]

The Hen: An Appreciation – E.B. White October 27, 2013 2 Comments

Our blog at My Pet Chicken has made many posts and references about the social misconceptions associated with keeping a backyard flock. Such as Lissa’s post: Do chickens make you look poor? Yet, the humble chicken always finds its way back into our backyards and hearts.  When I read this essay by E.B. White—“The Hen: […]

Pet chickens treat us as equals. October 4, 2013 4 Comments

According to Sir Winston Churchill, “Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” I say: pet chickens treat us as equals, too. To have well behaved animals, you take the role the animal needs you to play. You must learn how to be a leader for your pet dog. […]

Hen and Chicks in the garden? September 16, 2013 No Comments

Look at the hen and chicks! (No, not the feathered kind.) They’re something you don’t need a green thumb to grow! They do well in pots, inside and out, rock gardens, sandy gardens and they’re completely drought tolerant. They don’t do well in soggy soil though, so be careful to keep your hen and chicks […]

Chickens coming home to roost September 13, 2013 6 Comments

A reader of our chicken advice column has a question about her chickens coming home to roost: Listen Lissa, We have a flock of three so far (more in the brooder) who get along great, and have been in the same roomy coop with plenty of roosts since they were chicks. They’re about 17 weeks […]

The only chickens that like to eat mustard eggs! August 25, 2013 15 Comments

I have strange chickens…that is my  only explanation. My chickens actually like mustard eggs. I have been trying different techniques to break my one hen from the bad habit of egg eating.  After running into problems with my roll-away nesting box design I decided to try mustard filled eggs.  This is a ‘fix’ that we recommend in our help pages and many readers […]

Microflock: Top 7 Pet Chicken Breed Choices June 7, 2013 44 Comments

If you have a microflock—meaning an exceptionally small flock of three to five hens—you have to be selective with your breed choices if you want to be able to gather enough eggs to supply your family. Some towns tightly restricts on the number of hens you can keep to just three or five, so you […]

Why pet chickens are important May 24, 2013 29 Comments

I had lunch out yesterday: a nice salad. But I forgot to tell them to hold the egg. Don’t get me wrong, I love eggs! How can one keep pet chickens and not like eggs? But like many of you reading this blog, I find there’s such a stark difference between the real, delicious farm […]

Keep your chickens from scattering the mulch May 3, 2013 39 Comments

My chickens free range, and there are a lot of benefits that go along with that. I love to garden… and there are a lot of benefits that go along with that, too. Sometimes these two hobbies are tough to combine though. Chickens love to scratch. They love to dig. They love to dust bathe. […]

My blind hen, Hildy February 15, 2013 69 Comments

I’ve sort of hesitated writing about Hildy, my blind hen. Why? I get emotional about her. Of all the chickens I’ve had, she was one of my absolute favorites. She died a little more than a year ago. But I was looking through some old photographs, and I made it through without crying, so maybe […]