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More on Keeping Multiple Roosters September 18, 2015 2 Comments

My post about the Five Rules for Keeping Multiple Roosters is one that tends to get a lot of interest—and that makes sense! After all, if you’re hatching your own chicks at home, unless you have divine powers, you’re more or less guaranteed to hatch too many roosters for a laying flock. You typically want […]

Roosters v Coyotes January 10, 2014 16 Comments

This morning I could hear the yipping and howling of coyotes down in our holler. Even so, I’m not too worried; I have roosters to help keep a look out. But how can roosters hope to deal with coyotes? Let me explain! Coyotes are in my area year-round, but we tend to be aware of […]

6 Ways Roosters Rock June 28, 2013 37 Comments

Roosters rock! How do I love roosters? Let me count the ways. Um … Six. Yes, there are six ways. Possibly more, but at least six reasons that roosters rock. I get that roosters aren’t for everyone. Roosters aren’t usually permitted in towns, and it makes a certain amount of sense. You don’t need roosters […]

5 rules for keeping multiple roosters October 26, 2012 128 Comments

Roosters can be a challenge sometimes. Don’t get me wrong–I love roosters! But they can be territorial and protective of what they regard as “their” hens. That’s part of their charm, of course, but when they compete with one another too much, they can hurt each other, or even hurt the hens! When you have multiple […]